About Lesedi Center of Hope

Founded in 2004
We give hope to the hopeless and helpless

Started as a response to the growing challenges of HIV/AIDS in society, especially amongst the poor and marginalized. Its wider vision is to provide quality health care and social services to the Mangaung community, also reaching out to Thaba Nchu, Botshabelo and Bultfontein. One aim is to promote the re-building of the moral of communities, focusing on prevention through value based behaviour change and encouraging efforts towards self-help. We want to express the spirit of compassion for those who are ill, regardless of race, age, gender and religious denomination.

primary target remains people living with HIV/AIDS as well as TB and Cancer in their various combinations and related complications. Although we are based in the Roman Catholic Church, services are rendered to anyone in need of them.

Our Vission

Lesedi Centre of Hope’s Vision is to provide quality health care service to the Mangaung Community especially the poor and marginalized people in our area. The aim is to encourage the re-building of the moral of communities focusing on prevention through behaviour change and expressing the spirit of compassion for those who are ill regardless of race, age, gender and denomination.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to affirm, educate, support and strengthen individuals, family, and care workers to provide relevant training skills in co-operation with other health care role players.


Our Projects

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At the moment our prominent service is Home and Community Based Care and support programme providing health and social services by care givers in the home and community. It is offered around the townships and informal settlements. These areas have high rates of unemployment, consequently high rates of poverty and high incidence of HIV/AIDS as well as TB.

Over the past, Primary Health Care for the underprivileged has been unsatisfactory and for many inaccessible. Medical personnel (doctors, nurses, therapists) have not visited patients in their homes. Many, who could not get themselves to service points, were left unattended. Lives were lost and conditions deteriorated. Stigma, though decreasing, still aggravates the situation.

The re-engineering of Primary Health Care is slow in coming. It will greatly improve the general health and welfare situation, but Home Based Carers will still be needed for the following:

• They make sure to maintain a healthy hygienic environment

• They attend to the basic physical needs: bathing ,wound dressing, nutrition support

• They control treatment adherence

• They assist clients to access social grant benefits which they may qualify for and referral to Social Development for appropriate intervention

• They give spiritual support

• They encourage and empower family members to take on the above tasks as far as possible.

Addressing the vulnerability of youth in and out of school through prevention, we promote work amongst the youth to encourage value based decision and responsible life styles. We address church communities to promote awareness and active participation. Since grant money has not come and the bulk of donations received had to be diverted to the Relief Centre, food parcels could be afforded only occasionally. This is very regrettable because many people in our areas go hungry. When food supplements are available from the Department of Health, we gladly distribute them to needy clients.

Poor and frail patients are transported between homes and service points. For this a Quantum Toyota is used and +/- R6 000.00 is spent on fuel per month, not to mention maintenance services and insurance.

Our Team

We have a highly skilled and experienced team

Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced personnel. These include medical doctors, nurses and well equipped care givers who provide health and social services in homes and community through our Home and Community Based Care and support programme. Our services are offered around the townships and informal settlements.

Our Contacts

Tel: +27 51 4232432,

Sister Electa: +27 72 0219064

Email: bophelo-rcc@mweb.co.za

Our Location

Opposite Kriste lesedi la Ditjhaba Roman Catholic Church in Turflaagte, Chris Hani, Bloemfontein, Free State, 9323

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